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 Peterfreund, Diana/For Darkness Shows The Stars
 Posted: Jul 9 2016, 09:00 AM
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Author: Diana Peterfreund
Title: For Darkness Shows The Stars
Rating: 2/5
Genre/Tags: Young Adult, Distopian, Sci-fi
Review: When "playing god" through science goes utterly wrong, society returns to a more simple way of life that is somewhat reminiscent of the old American south. Elliot North is the lady of her estate, and the only one interested in running it properly. The rest of her family is only interested in the advantages of their lavish lifestyle.

Elliot's childhood friendship with the son of one of their servants proves to be more complicated than it seems, especially when he returns to the estate as a dignified, independent, and desirable man.
When I started reading this book, I actually assumed that the letters being sent between the children were depicting a blossoming friendship between two girls, and I was disappointed when I realized that it was actually the same childhood romance plot that has already been played out a thousand times. In addition, I struggled with Elliot overall as a protagonist. Although she seemingly has a strong stance on the issues in her world, her interests and passions are overwhelmed by her focus on the boy in the story. It's exactly what you'd expect from a teen romance novel. Peterfreund definitely did some unique world-building, and left the reader with some tangled threads to follow through the rest of the series. Personally, I wasn't interested enough to find out where they lead.
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